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Adopted 'Rainbow Faery'

I adopted my bottles from

My fairy name is
...?Bramble Goblinfilter?...
(YUCK!) *s*
She is a bringer of riches and wealth
She lives in leafy dells and bluebell glades
She is only seen on midsummer's eve.

My Monster Name

Most dryads are hot babes Ė if you donít mind the whole tree spirit thing. Dryads are symbiotically linked to large oak trees and canít travel more than a few hundred yards from it. In recent years a few Dryads have entered the world as good-looking women who are unable to leave their cell phone more than a few hundred yards behind.
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Faery Facts

Faeries were here before the age of reason and thus defy description but non-believers are met with their mischief as a way to enlighten them. Cows are favorite targets of faery pranks.
Rhuematism, cramps and bruising, were blamed on pinching faerie fingers.
Cowslip is the best for attracting faeries into your yard. Loved and guarded by faeries, this flower has power to find hidden faerie gold.
Faeries have several different names...Fae, Fata, Faerie, Fairy, etc. That doesn't really matter. All names depend on the different language in the world. I think Faeries are simply angels. Faeries can be visible or invisible at will but most become visible at night only.
Faeries love nature, woodland animals, flowers and herbs. They love certain stones, especially the shiny ones like marble, and stones that are smooth. The most sacred and favorite stone is the green emerald. Green is the faeries favorite color in many lands. Probably because it is the color of nature. They love clean water, milk, butter, bread, cakes, honey and wine. Their favorite is creamy milk. If you want to give a gift to the faeries, hang ribbons or rags on thorny branches. Farmers who have had faerie encounters tell us faeries like to play in the straw and they love strawberries.
Did you know that the sunflower was a faerie who fell in love with the sun but died broken hearted? Her feet became the roots, her body the stem and her face the beautiful flower that follows the sun.

Anyone who wears a four leaf clover will be able to see fairies.
Crooked Rows
Farmers have been known to plow crooked rows so the fairies may not aim their arrows along the ridges towards their horses and cows.
Fairies and other malicious wood spirits are said to wear green, and it is suggested that anyone who dons green or otherwise favors the color will come under the fairies evil influence.
A person who passes a fairy ring should reverse their hat to confuse any fairies who might attempt to make them join in the fairy dance.
If a person hears the sound of the fairies laughing and talking they should run nine times round such a ring, this must always be in the direction that the sun takes, or the runner will fall prey to the fairies power.
It is unwise to set under a hawthorn on Halloween. This risks enchantment by fairies who are apparently often found in the vicinity of the tree.
A little mistletoe hung over a cradle is supposed to ward off fairies and to prevent the child from being replaced by a changeling.
St. Johns Wort
It is dangerous to step on a St. Johns wort. A fairy horse may rear up under the person's feet and carry them off on a wild ride that will last all night before the hapless rider is unceremoniously dumped in some far off spot.

Some call him Robin Good-fellow,
Hob-goblin or mad Crisp,
And some againe do tear him oft
by name of Will the Wispe;
But call him by what name you list
I have studied on my pillow,
I think the best name he deserves
Is Robin the Good Fellow


The Element Air , Air is thought.
The Air element brings space and understanding into our life, , and is what allows us to grasp a situation all at once and get the big picture. , With Air, we can step back from our more personal musings and , take an objective viewpoint. This element puts the power of the mind, , ideas and thoughts at our fingertips. Air understands.
The Element Fire , Fire is desire.
The element of Fire brings just that, pure fire and forward motion, , a spirited effort, into our livesómaking a go of it. , The Fire element is what gets us into motion, moving us off the starting block , and out into midstream on any project, large or small. Fire is that light , in our eyes that signals that we always have the will and energy to just , jump in and forge ahead. Fire is our driving force.
The Element Water , Water is emotion.
The Water element is what unites us, dissolving all our differences , and bringing solutions to lifeís sometimes hard problems. Water means emotions , and feelings, the ability to feel this way or that way about something. , Compassion and kindness toward others, and perhaps even ourselves , belongs to the element Water. Without Water, we feel alone. , The dewdrop slips into the shining sea.
The Element Earth , Earth is stability.
The element Earth is all about being practical, getting down to the nitty-gritty or, , for that matter, just getting down to earth. With your feet solidly on the ground, , you naturally have good common sense, and probably always find some way of getting , some use out of any situation. This brings a real talent for business of all kinds.

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